Environmental Flower Therapy       

This project looks at the use of the Flower essences as natural products, a gentle care, for plants. The use of Flower therapy’ products is not the result of a mere extracts of plants but it is the result of the frequencies of plants themselves. The products line is based on the healing power’ detoxification of a specific kind of flowers: the flowers remedies do not permit harmful insects to stay on plants and to fortify plants in their natural healthy.

How does it work?

Flower therapy system is based on the use of Flower Essences discovered by Doc. Edward Bach in the early XX century. In the beginning these Flower Essences where used to cure human kind emotions and state of mind. Then their use was extended to any kind of living being: animals and plants.

As my job was gardening, I didn’t wanto to use chemical product to “cure” plants, so I started to deeply studied Flower essence in order to replace the chemical with natural solution for plants.

From over ten years I try and find natural healing solution for plants that not kill insect (often useful as pollinator) but simply discourage and remove them from plants and other places. This natural interferce allows have not polluted gardens, soil, water and other and largest places.

All the Formula are WATER BASED, environmentally friendly, ZERO IMPACT, ecologically balanced.

WHAT I DO is to study insects biological cycle and find correspondant Flower essence which remove them without killing. I CAN FIND SOLUTION FOR ANY KIND OF “GREEN ” PATHOLOGY and ANY KIND OF INSECT.

WHERE DO THEY GO THEN? Often people ask me. MY ANSWER IS: for decades we pollluted soil, plants, air and half of this planet and nobody were worried about: “Where do this products go then?” Now everyone is asking where insects may go after using Flower essences.DSCN0842

LET ME TELL YOU ONE THING: after Flower essence use it is possible to balanced biodiversity on plants and on different areas. Someone told me: “After the use of Flower Essence Formula in my garden fireflies are coming back!”


So let’s start from a smart garden until biggest places are involved!


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